Did You check your car before the Summer Season?

Administrator posted this 23 July 2019

Drivers know that they should prepare their car for the winter season, change tires, check fluids, etc. But do they need to do the same before summer comes? The answer is – Yes. The car was vulnerable to low temperatures, water and ice during several months, that’s why, except for replacing tires, you need to held complex check of the car’s units.

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Be sure that the paint-and-lacquer coating isn’t damaged. Side-skirts and wheel arches are the most problematic areas of the car, as they had high risks for the rusting process.   


Check the rubber element for cracks, elasticity and firmness. Changes in temperature, freezing ice, and after condensation leads to rapid wear of the rubber, the negative effect is enhanced if the driver neglects the rules of car care in the winter.


Injection system needs fixing, too. Check the car battery, if you had problems with it in winter, pay as much attention to it, as you can. You must check the spark plugs, and if you find them covered with carbon black lay, replace plugs immediately.


The system of engine cooling will work in strict conditions in the summer. The intercooler’s estate must comply with all regulations, hoses, belts and pipes also must be complete. Even the smallest damage will lead to oil and antifreeze leaks. 


Spend a thorough cleaning of the car radiator from dirt, sand and salt deposited on its surface during the winter.

In the sixth.

The brake system should be checked regularly, and it is convenient to do it twice a year, just when changing tires.