Moving to a new place is amazing–it’s a fresh start to spice up your life and allow you to experience many new interesting things. However, getting to your new home, especially if you’re moving across the country, is not so fun. 

How can anyone enjoy cleaning, packing, and loading the boxes? And that long drive? Ugh! But you have to do what you have to do to get to the good thing, right? So we’re here to help you enjoy your cross-country move as much as possible. 

Schedule regular rest breaks

Long drives may be mentally and physically taxing, so planning regular breaks to rest and recover is essential. Every few hours, take a break to relax, stretch, and maybe have a cup of coffee or a snack. These stops are crucial for keeping your energy and focus while still enjoying the journey. Use these breaks to enjoy the surroundings and the fresh air. 

If you're traveling with children or pets, these stops are essential for them to get some energy out and to make everyone feel more comfortable. If your ride is longer than eight hours, consider booking a motel and spending a comfortable and restful night, so you can be fresh on the road. Driving tired and sleepy is often more deadly than driving under the influence! 

Make a playlist or audiobook list

A tailored playlist or a selection of captivating audiobooks can drastically improve the atmosphere of a long drive. Start by creating a playlist filled with songs that keep your spirits high and energize you mile after mile. Mix in some local tunes from the areas you’re passing through to enhance the cultural experience of your journey. 

If music isn't enough, consider audiobooks or podcasts that can engage you deeply, making hours seem like minutes. Choose genres that intrigue you, from thrilling mysteries and science fiction adventures to educational nonfiction that broadens your horizons. And it will also give you and your passengers something engaging to talk about and keep you all awake. 

3. Plan Your Route with Hidden Gems

Transform your cross-country move into an exploratory road trip by choosing a route that includes off-the-beaten-path attractions and scenic landscapes. Let’s say you're moving to some Fairfax VA apartments – make a plan that lets you discover some of Virginia's unique offerings. Consider stopping at the enchanting Luray Caverns, the historic battlefields of Manassas, or the picturesque Shenandoah National Park. 

Use applications such as Atlas Obscura or Roadtrippers to find these and other hidden treasures along your route. Not only can you break up the boredom of a lengthy drive by incorporating these fascinating stops into your itinerary, but you also enhance the experience by forging lasting memories and impromptu adventures. With this plan, moving to a new place becomes more of an exciting adventure than only a practical need.

4. Document Your Journey

Storing photos from your road journey improves your moving experience and helps preserve memories. Take pictures and movies of beautiful scenery, unusual roadside stops, and unplanned encounters with a camera or smartphone. Keep a travel journal to record your ideas and experiences while on the road if you are a writer. 

These keepsakes provide a private peek into your experience and can be later transformed into a photo book or blog post. By connecting with people on social media who can provide guidance or share their own experiences, posting about these experiences might enhance your travels even more. And once you’re settled in your new home, you’ll love to look back at the moving experience that brought you to this moment in life–it’s truly precious. 

5. Engage with Locals and Fellow Travelers

Interacting with locals and other travelers can dramatically enrich your road trip. Whenever you stop for fuel, meals, or rest, engage in conversations with people you meet. Locals often know the best spots that aren’t listed in any guidebook—from the tastiest local delicacies to hidden scenic spots. 

Meanwhile, fellow travelers might share insights about the road ahead or places worth visiting. These interactions not only break up the solitude of a long drive but also add layers of unexpected joy and discovery to your relocation journey, turning simple stops into enriching cultural exchanges.


A cross-country move is a fresh start and a grand adventure rolled into one. By turning the drive into a fun road trip, you not only ease the stress of moving but also create joyful memories along the way. So, buckle up, embrace the open road, and start your adventure with an open heart and an eager spirit.