OBD Car Doctor connects to vehicles on-board diagnostic computer using OBD-II, regardless of the communication protocol and brand of the car over Bluetooth / Wi-Fi.

Table below displays different parameters and functions that are available with OBD Car Doctor as they are dependent on your mobile device.

OBD Car Doctor and OBD Car Doctor PRO:
Supported parameters
Bluetooth (2.0)  adapters support
Wi-Fi  adapters support      obd_car_doctor_pro_ios     obd_car_doctor_pro_ios
Kiwi 3 (BLE) adapters support            obd_car_doctor_pro_ios           obd_car_doctor_pro_ios          obd_car_doctor_pro_ios
Read and interpret trouble codes (DTC memory)
Clear error codes including Check Engine Light (MIL) and others
Read parameters in real-time (if supported by the car):
Engine RPM
Motor load
Coolant temperature
Fuel System Status
Speed of Vehicle
Absolute air pressure
Ignition timing
Inlet air temperature
Mass air flow
Throttle position
Lambda Sensor (correction of the motor)
Fuel pressure
And another parameters - depending on the car
Chart drawing for real-time data
Reading VIN chassis number
Real time parameters recording
Read, display, record multiple parameters simultaneously
Recording parameters in background mode
View and sending recorded parameters traces
GPS support
Fuel Economy parameters
Upload to InCarDoc.com server
Store and share DTC data and General info
Auto-start of last used command screen (use "Auto start of the last command" option in Configuration alone or in combination with "Connect BT at start")
Console for advanced users experiments with OBD-II and adapter commands (use "Test"-"Console" option in Configuration to allow console screen)
Consumption fuel per time
Widgets tab for dynamic single and combined commands
Widget "Acceleration up to..." obd_car_doctor_pro_ios
Fueling records
Tech inspections (MOT) records

obd_car_doctor_pro_ios-  features available at In-App Purchases.

obd_car_doctor_pro_ios -  Wi-Fi adapters are supported in Android starting with version 4.1, note that not all Wi-Fi adapters compatible with iOS are supported by Android.

obd_car_doctor_pro_ios -  KiWi 3 adapters work at smartphones having Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), present at Android starting with version 4.3; will be available at OBD –°ar Doctor iOS version 1.8, that is currently in development.

obd_car_doctor_pro_ios -  limited by one test: acceleration 0–60 km/h.

OBD Car Doctor
OBD Car Doctor PRO
OBD Car Doctor