When purchasing another body for any RC vehicle, there are many things to mull over. On the off chance that you own a vehicle that came standard with a body shell, you can clearly purchase precisely the same body and be certain it fits. In some other case, you will anyway have to ensure the body you are purchasing is appropriate for your vehicle.

Here we will attempt to give some essential rules that will assist you with picking a body that accommodates your vehicle.

Sometimes, the item data from the maker will state what vehicles that specific body fits. In the event that that is not the situation, you need to check given estimations, or information on what scale vehicles the body is expected for, etc.

The main data in regards to body size is typically vehicle type, size (scale), wheelbase, and width.

Off-Road Bodies

Rough terrain vehicles frequently accompany either some sort of "carriage" or "truck" style body. Inside that, there are anyway large contrasts.

There are exemplary cart bodies, Truggy, trucks, short course trucks, beast trucks, crawlers, etc.

On-Road Bodies

The on-Road bodies are much more explicit, as numerous on-Road vehicles are based around hustling rules, and in these classes, there have commonly been rules which characterize some broad body estimations.

Along these lines, on-Road bodies are for the most part promoted for a specific class, which can be anything from 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, and 1/5, and inside those, there are several various kinds of bodies also 1 10 scale rc body. In the picture above you see the contrast between a 1/8 scale GT body and an ordinary 1/10 scale passenger vehicle body.

For the most part, a 1/10 passenger vehicle body has a wheelbase of around 255-260mm. There are groups of various width,s however, as some are for 200mm wide vehicles (a few strays, nitro passenger vehicles, and so on), and others are for 190mm wide vehicles. The bodies for 190mm wide vehicles are by and large 190-195mm wide, and fit 1/10 electric excursions vehicles, Tamiya TT-01/TT-02, and so forth

In the image above you see a 1/10 TC hustling body, close to a more sensible Tamiya body, and a 1/10 FWD class body. These are for a similar wheelbase (255-260mm) and are about a similar width (190-195mm).