Red Light

  • Last Post 24 March 2018
Stephen posted this 24 March 2018

I have plugged it into my Volvo S60 but cannot get the red light to change to green, I have downloaded app onto my android phone but obviously the 2 won't talk to each other.Am I doing something wrong or is it faulty?

inCarDoc posted this 24 March 2018

Colors might be different for various unit manufacturers, so unfortunately it's not informative.

We might need to see the connection protocol to get idea about the troubles.Please use
(for iPhone) - left-side menu - Feedback
(for Android) - right-side menu - Info - Contact us
to prepare and send us mail with attached connection protocol. In a letter with protocol please

  • repeat the issue description,
  • make/model/year of your car
  • details about your OBD adapter: WiFi or Bluetoth? name, link to the specifications 

For more details about app requirements and settings, please check appropriate User Guide and frequently asked questions at FAQ section