not connecting

  • Last Post 17 January 2020
nannim77 posted this 17 January 2020

SO I am not able to connect my scanner to scan my vehicle.

The error message is for to buy app via Amazon or store.

I dont understand this please

inCarDoc posted this 17 January 2020

App inCarDoc have no Error message that suggests buying anything. If talking about Setup Wizard you might need just read and "swipe" to the next page.

Please check that phone and app settings are properly configured for using your OBD-II adapter

How to connect inCarDoc for iOS and Android to OBD adapter

If having any issues please follow recommendations to contact our support with in-app option, so we could review settings and car responses.

To help you we might need to know information about your OBD adapter
- type (WiFi or Bluetooth)
- exact model name and link to the specifications or selling page