Nissan Micra K12 2003

  • Last Post 26 June 2019
shaun.gs1000 posted this 25 June 2019

Hi Just wondering about application. have downloaded the pro version to my phone. On reading description on e-bay for adaptor it says japanese cars after 2006. Does this mean it won`t work with my 2003 Micra K12 1.2 petrol ?

inCarDoc posted this 26 June 2019

Please note that one should pay attention not to the country of the manufacturer headquarter but rather to the destination sale market country. All Nissan models for the USA market must have OBD-II support on-board (and supported by app) starting from 1996, but the same model for EU might have no OBD-II support till 2001 (or 2003 for diesel) if assembled for EU market.

Please check details with the post blog What cars are supported.

Note that issues with a connection also might be due to errors with the app setting or issues with the adapter. For the troubleshooting please contact our support with mail directly from the app:

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