how the engine load rating is calculated?

  • Last Post 28 January 2021
Shepherd Ginzburg posted this 28 January 2021

I am receiving trouble codes p0174 and P0171. I have already clean the MAF sensor. I have replaced see intake tubes which were cracked and leaking. I replaced the IAC valve which was stuck.

I am having trouble understanding the snapshot taken by incardoc Pro. I don't understand how the engine load rating is calculated. Mine is currently zero so a piece of information is obviously not being provided by the system. When I look at the oxygen sensors present it appears to me that one is missing but I'm not good at reading this and I'm not confident in that. I am attaching a screenshot of the freeze frame I received from the program. Am I correct in thinking that one of the oxygen sensors is not sending ? Can I identify which sensor is faulty from the supplied data?

inCarDoc posted this 28 January 2021

Just could comment that ALL snapshot parameters are provided by car's ECU and presented in the inCarDoc "as is".