Diagnostics on Honda civic

  • Last Post 24 February 2018
Carlos Trochez posted this 24 February 2018

I have two Honda civic. A coupe 2007 and a 2018. I would like to Ask what could be the reasons why my Honda 2007 is not connecting to my app. Also, my Honda 2018 does connect but when I search for trouble codes it says 0 even though it has lots of them in the display! Thanks

inCarDoc posted this 24 February 2018

1) It's hard to say exact reason of connection troubles w/o viewing the connection protocol. Please do the following steps to prepare and send us connection protocol by mail:
- start car's engine
- unplug/plug back the adapter, check that it's powered
- (for Bluetooth) turn off/on Bluetooth support in you phone (or reload phone)
- (for WiFi) go to Android wireless connections, do search and connect to your OBD adapter
- check that other apps or phones does not occupy OBD adapter connection
- start app
- turn on Debug logging: Settings-Logging-Debug logging
- run Connection Guide: Settings-Guide-Connection Guide, switch to the second page to search available  connections
- find and click your OBD adapter in a list
wait finishing of connection testing or error message

- use Connect <...> at Home app screen for consequent connections

If have issues please please use Settings-Logging-Send message  to send details and issue description
as well as car model/year details

2) As for the trouble codes, please also send the Diagnostic protocol to us by mail:
- connect and open Diagnostics
- wait finishing of reading
- use Save-Send button to prepare mail with Diagnostics results

in letter with diagnostics, please describe the issue and what exact indicators are active on car's panel?

Please note that App supports only parameters and ECU's specified with OBD-II standard, that is Engine and Emission systems (CheckEngine indicator only).


Unfortunately other car systems like ABS, ESP, SRS etc. do not covered with any standard. Implementation could be very different for various make-model-year. You might need the other specialized solution for exact make-model-year that declare support of all listed systems.