• Last Post 14 May 2018
itsjoasom posted this 13 May 2018

App connects with some cars but doesn't connect with other obd2 compliant cars, it takes a very long time to find protocols but still doesn't connect anyways, any suggestions or trouble shooting guides?

inCarDoc posted this 14 May 2018

Statistically, the most common reasons:

  • engine does not started
  • bad or broken signal wire connection in diagnostic socket
  • (partially) malfunction adapter, that supports not all OBD-II protocols, see here
  • car have no or limited OBD-II support (Note that OBD-II socket does not guarantee full support of OBD-II protocols)

It might be more informative if you could send us connection protocol for review as well as car model/year details. PLease use in-app options Feedback or Contact us depending on iOS or Android app version.