Cannot connect BMW 535i

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freemichaelnow posted this 3 weeks ago

Failed to connect to WiFi reader error message. WiFi connected on phone using latest iOS. App and reader cannot connect.

inCarDoc posted this 3 weeks ago

...could be an issue with new iOS versions permissions and/or adapters compatibility or VPN settings.

Note that iOS 14 have some extra permissions requests, including "Local network access permission", that pop-up only at the very first connection attempt. If you rejected it, please note to give app "Local network access permission" with app permissions settings as described below.

Please try to reset wireless iOS settings:

- start car's engine
- unplug/plug back adapter
- turn off VPN and other apps that might change IP addresses (if used)
- open WiFi settings and remove current Static IP connection to adapter
- do search and set DHCP connection with adapter
- (for iOS14 and up) open iOS Settings and find inCarDoc app, check and allow "Local network access permission"
- start app go settings and set/check WiFi as connection mode
- (optionally) increase command delay in settings from 10 to 100
- (optionally) switch phone to "flight" mode
- try to Connect

If still have issues please use in-app (i)-Contact us option to prepare and send us configuration data
as well as your issue description, adapter and car details (including the year).
DO NOT REMOVE any automatically attached files, so we could check the issue.