Uber rides are highly popular and in demand in the USA. However, with the popularity of uber rides, an increase in the number of accidents by Uber drivers has been seen. Uber drivers if they don't ride the car properly they can put the life of a pedestrian, Uber passenger, and another car owner at risk. Therefore, it is important for the Uber driver to take care of all safety measures while driving.

This article will provide more information about Uber drivers and risk associated with Uber ride.

Who are Uber Drivers?

Uber drivers are not employees of the company instead they are independent workers. They can work on their own pace and they have their own cars. the drivers need to install Uber application into their mobile phone and they are ready to work. This is an important point to consider because at the time of insurance coverage these things are regarded as essential.

For instance, if any accident takes place due to the negligence of Uber drivers at the time when they were on duty for Uber, the company is liable to pay compensation to the injured party. On the contrary, if Uber driver is using his car for personal use and accident happens, he himself is liable to pay the compensation to the injured party.

Uber Passengers

Anyone can be a Uber passenger. You cannot choose or pick the driver on your own. With the help of Uber application, you select your destination and a nearby Uber driver comes to pick you.

If unfortunately, you involve yourself in a car accident while riding as an Uber passenger, pinning liability can be difficult. At this point in time, you need an Uber accident lawyer who can help you getting a claim in case you are injured in the accident. 

 Statistics of Uber Accident

While considering the statistics of Uber accident, you will come to know that the number of the accident are rising every year. A lot of fatal accidents have been taken into account which involved Uber vehicles. According to the statistics, is 6-year-old girl child was killed in an accident when hit by an Uber driver. Similarly, many such cases were registered in which deadly crashes were involved.

Reasons for the accident can be many, but if anyone is injured because of the mistake of the driver, the company claims to pay a handsome amount of compensation. But for this, it is important that the injured party is able to prove that the driver is liable for the accident. For this, you must take the help of Uber accident attorney. Only an experienced Uber accident lawyer will help you in investigating the case, collecting all the evidences and presenting them in court trials.

Insurance Policies associated with Uber Accident

Uber has several rules related to the liability coverage for the drivers as well as their cars. According to Uber, drivers are covered by a liability policy amounting to $1 million. Underinsured motorist coverage is also provided by the company. The insurance coverage is provided only when the passengers are inside the vehicle and got injured in the accident. 

Proving yourself right can be a complicated task so the best way to tackle such a situation is to hire an Uber accident lawyer at once.