Alpha testing of InCarDoc PRO

  • Last Post 18 March 2016
Administrator posted this 18 March 2016

We invite everyone to join testing of the Alpha version of OBD InCarDoc PRO

Testing is available by this link

For the testing, we suggest new features that will be available in OBD InCarDoc PRO version 5.4.

Widget Economy

This widget allows you to track the different variations of car fuel consumption (fuel economy) in a convenient way of numbers and graph: instant consumption, average consumption (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.), consumption for the whole trip, etc. All these data can help you monitor fuel consumption in various driving conditions, on different roads, etc., as well as to optimize the flow rate, and thus the fuel costs.

This widget is default and can be found at Dynamic Parameters - Widgets - Economy. The widget can be customized by selecting the fuel category that you want to track.

Let’s try to figure out how to set and use this widget

* So that you can monitor yourself the necessary fuel categories, and in comparison you can see how average fuel consumption data are changing relatively to the categories you’ve specified (current values)/ All this you can see in form of numbers and graphics in that are changing real time while you are driving.

We offer to test the widget performance and leave comments and questions in this thread.

Administrator posted this 18 March 2016

OBD InCarDoc PRO Background Mode Extended Functionality 

The alpha version of the application offers the users extended functionality of OBD InCarDoc PRO background mode.

A round button with a translucent logo, that is active while running the other applications, and  informs that the OBD InCarDoc PRO app is running in the background.

The standard functions to record parameters in the background we added the option of automatic recording of the Fuel economy.

To see which Fuel economy parameters are monitored and recorded, click on the icon of the background, and then on top of the main screen or other apps’ screens a transparent window will open, displaying the fuel consumption parameters corresponding the widget Economy at the Dynamic parameters.

The automatic recording of fuel economy can be turned off in the OBD InCarDoc Settings.


We offer to test the widget performance and leave comments and questions in this thread.