Whether is it possible to mix antifreeze of different colors?

Administrator posted this 24 December 2018

Careful control is carried out and the technical abilities of the car are checked with using different non-freezing liquids, even on the stage of the car production. Therefore, automobile concerns can often recommend a certain type of antifreeze for a particular brand and model of the car.

Before answering the question whether it is possible to mix these liquids, it is necessary to determine the main differences of antifreeze depending on its color.

Color for non-freezeed is the primary feature, is blue, green, yellow, purple and red antifreeze.

The blue colored antifreeze is the most common and has a standard and simple chemical composition.  It costs less than others, and is often classified as G11.

Green antifreeze has a less depressing effect on the engine than previous. When using green and blue antifreeze, a film is formed on the inside of the parts, which protects the parts from damage and corrosion, but at the same time reduces heat dissipation.

Yellow and purple antifreeze have almost identical characteristics. Both of them are new representatives on the market not so long ago, and not all car owners use. Both belong to the category of G13.  The main feature of this category of antifreeze is its chemical composition. Instead of widespread ethylene glycol, propylene glycol is used here. It has lower chemical activity and improved environmentally friendly.

Red antifreeze is classified as G12 according to the international classification system. Their chemical composition is dominated by organic additives and carboxylic acid. It is because of this when using antifreeze, the film is not formed on the parts and in consequence increases the heat removal.

So, the main question is: whether is it possible to mix antifreeze of different colors? Not at all, because of the difference in the additives, that are in the chemical composition of each type of antifreeze, a chemical reaction may be undesirable. For example, the liquid may foam, or to form a copious precipitate.  

If it turned out that the necessary antifreeze wasn’t within reach or in the store, and you need it very much, then nothing remains how to mix. Operate the vehicle in such fluid must be short term. After this, the mixture should be drained and the engine cooling system washed as thoroughly as possible.