Wheel balancing is an important process you should follow

Administrator posted this 16 May 2019

Wheel balancing is an important process in the operation of the car, which depends not only on the comfort and quality of driving, but also the safety of the driver on the road. To carry out this procedure is necessary during the seasonal change of tires, as well as permanent operation mode auto - for every 10 thousand miles. Your car driving abilities are affected by the quality of the roads, the terrain, season, and transported cargo. For example, if you live outside the city in the Northern region with long winters and the car is a daily means of transport - the balancing is recommended for every 5 thousand km. Thus, pay more attention to this issue.

Wheel imbalance

The essence of balancing is that the fulcrum pin of the wheel must have an equal distribution of the mass of its parts. Thanks to the analysis of the ratio of the wheel rim and the tire together can be determined more than one point of installation of the load. Especially it is important, in case of a strong imbalance of the wheel.

This indicates the need for balancing

  • The vehicle skid (uncontrolled spin out) even at a low speed
  • Deformation of the disk (after an accident, wheel impact, hit the pit)
  • Rubber wear
  • Previously installed balancing loads could fly off
  • Beating in the steering wheel

What are the consequences of ignoring the problem?

  • First of all, it is a matter of your safety and life
  • Rubber wear
  • Deterioration of driving ability
  • The feeling of discomfort while riding
  • Wear of steering and suspension elements

What is the imbalance of the wheels?

The distribution of centrifugal force on the wheel is influenced by the material of the tire, its width, material and design of the wheels, tubeless valve, hub and brake disc.

Static imbalance of the wheel (UP-DOWN) - the difference between the two axes. They remain parallel but have different heights. The center of gravity is shifted from the axis of rotation.

Dynamic imbalance of the wheel (figure of eight) - can be described as the rotation of the wheel around its axis, or vibration in width, from which the wheel draws a figure of eight. In this case, the fulcrum pins intersect, although the center of gravity doesn’t shift.

How to balance wheels (pay attention to the equipment)?

This is where the hard part begins. It is possible, that you will be able to hold the wheel balancing specifically for your car, only in the particular tire fitting station. Class of your car, especially its operation and even equipment has an important meaning in this question.

The equipment for the considered problem can be of two types: static (electric and manual drive) and transportable equipment. With the use of static equipment balance adjustment can be carried out evaluation and adjustment ONLY removed from the car wheel.

Transportable equipment allows you to balance the wheels without removing them from the car. Due to this, the evaluation system takes into account all the components of the suspension and as a result, more accurately distribute the location of the goods. Glued cargo is usually used on cast discs to glue it to the inside of the disc, and thus not to spoil the aesthetics of the disc.