What Smart Key means?

Administrator posted this 30 May 2019

Car manufacturers are trying to maximize the level of comfort. The use of the key is an outdated technology. Radio signals and “smart” access to the car a new trend of automotive fashion.

Smart car access the system, smart key, keyless access — all this is one name for the electronic system of access to the car and to start the engine. The system has different names from different manufacturers (Keyless Drive - from Volvo or Keyless Go - from Mercedes-Benz), but this doesn’t change the essence of the system.

Elements of the Keyless entry system:

  • Access control unit and launch permissions
  • Door handles with electronics (antenna, capacitive sensor, lock button)
  • Electromechanical steering button lock
  • Access switch and start permissions
  • Access button and launch permissions
  • Antenna in the radio shaft
  • The antenna in the center console
  • Antenna in the middle armrest
  • The antenna is between the rear seat and glass
  • Rear antennas
  • Transponder

Through these antennas, the system identifies the owner (or rather, an electronic key or a chip card) and provides access to the control of the car.

The engine is started by pressing the button, when the switch/button is pressed, an inductive code request is made by the internal antennas, after the identification of the card chip and directly the engine start itself. In this case, all other conditions are met (pressing the brake, the position of the gear lever).

Maximum comfort and access for the owner to the car isn't perfect protection from theft. Attackers also often steal cars with such a system.

Although the storage of a contactless key in a special case, or the installation of additional anti-theft equipment can provide a higher level of protection.