What should we know about the autogas system?

Administrator posted this 13 August 2019

The price of petrol grows and comes to be a reason for drivers search for alternatives. One of them - is autogas system. Electric cars have several disadvantages (low power reserve, low battery potential. Additionally, the price category of high-quality and powerful (in its segment) electric car is overstated for the average consumer.

If you decide to put gas equipment on your car, you need to contact an official or authorized service station, otherwise, you will lose the insurance of your car. Always choose only the official Service Shops to eliminate any risks of the gas cylinder blowing up.

Types of gas:

  • Methane is expensive and stored in thick-walled cylinders. The equipment takes up a lot of space and pays off for a long time.
  • Propane-butane is cheaper than petrol (gasoline) but has increased consumption. For example, 1.9 liters of propane-butane = 1 liter of gasoline.

Disadvantages of compressed gas equipment:

  • Gas equipment takes up more space in the trunk, besides
  • It impairs the aerodynamics of the car
  • In winter it is more difficult to start the engine that runs on gas (to solve the problem, start the car on gasoline, and then switch it back to gas)

Advantages of compressed gas equipment:

  • Riding on the gas equipment saves oil, keeping the quality and preventing the wear of engine cylinders
  • The composition of the gas doesn’t include catalysts destroying metal, therefore, car spares will last longer
  • The gas mixture can almost completely be burned
  • The cylinders filled up quickly, so your car will go faster and have a soft move

The most spread problems with an autogas system, which you may face during exploitation:

  • Wear or blockage of injectors
  • Burnout of valves (cold start on gas)
  • Some problems with electrical equipment and wiring