What is Lambda and How does it Affect Fuel Consumption?

Administrator posted this 29 May 2018

Fuel economy is an important thing for every driver and InCarDoc functionality can help to save money on fuel consumption as well as on car maintenance. That`s why one of the most popular features among users is widget "Economizer" that allows drivers to monitor and control the fuel consumption in real time.

ECU diagnostics with InCarDoc application can indicate faults and trouble-codes that could be a reason for cars fuel over-consumption.

One of the most common cause is a lambda damage. Lambda-probe is a sensor of residual oxygen and allows to assess the amount of remaining unburned fuel or oxygen in the exhaust gases.

A range of issues are accompanied the lambda`s breaking down: the fuel-air mixture is deteriorating, the engine is unstable at idle, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing, the power is reducing and the fuel consumption is increasing.

InCarDoc diagnostic capabilities allow the car owner to know in advance about a possible malfunction and prevent it.