What do with a car after a road accident?

Administrator posted this 21 February 2019

There are four scenarios to do after the road accident, the first is to repair the car and continue to use it; the second is to repair and sale it; the third variant is to sell it for spare parts, and the fourth -scrap. Your decision depends on how much the car was injured in an accident. Anyway, even after serious accidents, the car can be restored, but it is not safe to drive such a car, and it is dishonorable to sell it for future use.

You will not be able to start repairing the car immediately. Only after all legal proceedings and damage assessment by the insurance service you can start to repair it. If you going to service or repairing the car yourself, you run the risk of not receiving the insurance payment

Damage assessment

The insurance assesses the damage and pays the amount of insurance. After that, your car is inspected by a mechanic in the Service Repair Station, and from a view of technical and qualitative point, the damage will often be greater. It often happens that the repair is more expensive than buying a good (even used) car. In the repair of the car, there is no high need, if it goes above half the cost of the car when buying.

The owners, not wanting to incur large financial losses, make a low-quality repair to hide the fact of the accident and sell the car as used. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully inspect the car with mileage.

Car body repair is a key part of car repair after an accident

1. Low damage to the body includes repair of plastic parts of the body and bumper, painting of individual parts of the body.

2. Serious damage to the car body includes repair of bent parts of the body, side pillars and roof.

The changed geometry of the body will entail difficulties in driving on the road at high speeds as the car will lead to the side.

Replacement of airbags

Replacement of the driver and passenger seat airbag cushions is an expensive and complicated task. In addition to configuring the security system, the ragged skin of the interior must be changed too. The dashboard displays an error in case of incorrect installation or lack of airbags. Sometimes, during the repair, the owners neglect this factor and change only the interior trim.

Hidden breakdowns

In the process of repair, many new problems that need to be solved can "emerge". Approximately 25% of the amount for repairs must be set aside in the reserve for unforeseen expenses.

Spare parts

Spare parts are the point which can help you to save money. But it must be done wisely. Spare parts from disassembled cars are sometimes in no way inferior to new ones but are much cheaper.

Do not neglect the originality of spare parts. In order to save money, the owners change the lights, windshields, hood cover with cheaper elements of poor quality. It is not desirable doing like that, however, it is at the discretion of the owner. Buying a car with low-quality spare parts is a reason to reduce the cost.

In order not to face such a situation, drive carefully and check the car once or twice a year at the Service Station, and use the application inCarDoc monthly. This will help you to identify errors in the car and fix them.