What are the advantages of the application for car diagnostics?

Administrator posted this 12 May 2022

One of the advanced applications for auto diagnostics is inCarDoc. This is a mobile app for Android and iOS. It connects to the vehicle's on-board computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth or Wifi. The application provides extensive opportunities for on-board vehicle diagnostics. The principle of operation of the application is to read dynamic and stored parameters from the engine control unit (ECU) of cars supporting the OBD-II standard.

Modern technologies have become firmly embedded in our daily life. They make routine tasks easier. Today, the use of mobile devices for auto diagnostics is popular. Firstly, diagnostics via the app saves time, effort, and money. The user needs five minutes per day to scan the OBD2 metrics. Weekly monitoring of the car via app decreases the risks of sudden or dire needs. Secondly, with the help of apps like that, drivers can learn more about the error that happened. The app reads and decrypts error codes from the car's blocks. Therefore, when inCarDoc shows DTC, the driver sees the problem and clears it with one action. The following scanning will allow seeing if the problem is fixed.  In cases when the app shows the same DTC encore et encore, the driver should go to the repair station, for more details. Ignoring a minor fault at the start can lead to more serious consequences. 

OBD2 ELM327 Scanning tool is an effective solution for every motorist, as it helps to find out the cause of a car breakdown. 

Our users knew that the inCarDoc app has an ELM327 adapter that is customised specially for the app. By connecting to the diagnostic connector, users can:

  • determine the list of machine systems available for testing. It includes the engine, brake system, and transmission. etc;
  • read error codes and decipher them; 
  • cleaning the diagnostic trouble codes of the dashboard of the car;
  • check auto parameters in real-time; 
  • creating a combination of configurable parameters for full control of multiple parameters (PRO version); 
  • instant notifications of vehicle errors; 
  • connecting a mobile application to a web portal for secure and easy data storage and viewing.

The app saves the driver time and money to repair minor faults.

The advantages of auto smartphone diagnostics applications can be attributed to a few more features. inCarDoc in particular has an economizer, maps, and log. Drivers use economizers to monitor fuel consumption and build efficient routes. As result, the solution saves money too. 

In addition, the inCarDoc application provides the ability to draw graphs with the information received in real-time. The motorist can delete or save error codes and all related data. It is possible to send reports by email, and show them at the service station if needed. Convenient viewing of car and engine parameters in real-time is one of the main advantages of inCarDoc. Using a smartphone, you can:

  • Read the parameters of the engine and car in real-time (speed, RPM, pressure, fuel consumption);
  • Reading "Check engine" errors and saved parameters;

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Regardless of whether you are a professional car mechanic or just a car enthusiast, you need to know why the control indicator lit up. As previously mentioned, this is a unique solution for motorists, which facilitates routine tasks. Therefore, the inCarDoc application is designed to monitor the main parameters of the vehicle, as well as to report errors in real time.