Weekly automotive digest Škoda Octavia PRO, Mercedes-Benz 300 S, Infinity

Administrator posted this 16 March 2021

We’ve come back with other car highlights of this week. Check this post to dive into automotive world content. 

Long-awaited newcomers 

  1. The new Mercedes-Benz “300 SL” (super-light) is undertaking a test-drive in Sweden. Although numerous development processes took place digitally, analog development driving remains significant. Mercedes decided to test redesigned fabric roofs in the harsh climate near the Arctic Circle. They chose one of the most challenging racing circuits to make sure that the newest SL lives up to expectations. Besides, the iconic Roadster that will be available only under the Mercedes-AMG brand stays true to its long history. The newcomer has recognizable design and the highest level of luxury, quality, and exclusivity. 

  2. All-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA PRO is now available in China. This edition differs in 64 millimeters longer and 44 millimeters enlarged wheelbase, compared to the European version. ŠKODA OCTAVIA PRO for the Chinese market has the same emotive design language, known for its precise lines, sculptural elements, and clearly defined surfaces. Speaking about the exterior, the model combines black exterior mirrors, taillights and quite slim headlights, alloy 18 inches wheels, and a black roof. The headlights and taillights, naturally, are decorated with ŠKODA crystalline elements and come with the standard LED tech. As for the interior, it is dominated by a free-standing central display and a multi-level instrument panel. We also cannot fail to mention front seat ventilation and heating, electric adjustments, as well as tailgate operation. DSG with shift-by-wire tech is also on board. The manufacturers provide drivers with an exit warning system that informs customers if there are other cars behind them. The new model assists customers in lane-keeping and lane-change. In addition, ŠKODA OCTAVIA PRO can initiate an emergency stop if necessary. 

  3. INFINITI announces the upcoming QX60 three-row crossover with an up-to-date Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system. It is more advanced, more compact, and quicker when it comes to supporting the driver with all-wheel traction. The system has been tested in numerous conditions, such as cold snow, wet roads, and scorching sand. INFINITI’s team has spent years testing the vehicle in Alaska, northern Quebec, Death Valley, California, Moab, Utah, and Michigan. Finally, the company is happy to confirm that the level of performance is where they’ve never seen before. Now INFINITY works on preparing the newcomer for new owners.

New colors for electric mobility

Nissan unveils four monotone and six two-tone colors for Ariya,  inspired by cutting-edge driving assistance features and the thrill of the future. For these mesmerizing hues, manufacturers used technology that reduces carbon dioxide output by 25%, which lowers the car’s environmental impact. Two colors named Akatsuki Copper and Aurora Green with an unprecedented level of depth were designed especially for the electric coupé crossover. Water-based paint can be also applied at a lower temperature. 

Other highlights of the week 

  1. Audi created a personalized website and enhanced myAudi app features. The brand’s primary goal was to ensure a simple, emotional, and seamless customer experience. The new website has improved design, it is easy to navigate, streamline vehicle configuration and connect to other online platforms. Thanks to the app, drivers can take full advantage of Remote Parking Assistant plus features and Online Logbook, access essential data, or leave feedback. If you are eager to get to know your dream car better, you can request a live consultation. 

  2. Nissan is planning a 37,000-panel extension to renewable energy generation. It’s enough to create every zero-emission Nissan LEAF sold in Europe. The first stage of the process is a consultation with a community. Well, we are waiting for a full planning application in 2021. Besides, during that time LEAF drivers have prevented approximately 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being accumulated. 

  3. Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. received the award from Toyota Motor Corporation for the high-pressure hydrogen tank development. These critical components for fuel cell vehicles aimed to hold hydrogen compressed at high pressure. High-pressure hydrogen tanks were used on the new Toyota MIRAI. 

  4. The 2021 Hyundai Elantra became one of Autotrader’s 10 best car interiors under  $50,000. The car officially has the best in-car experience in its class thanks to ample interior room and advanced techs. 

That’s what we wanted to share with you. We’ll be back here in a week with a new car digest, so stay in touch.