Volkswagen ID.3 so Eco-friendly and so Inexpensive

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Electronic mobile accessibility will become really available this summer. Model VW ID.3 will be a profitable acquisition both from the point of view of the operation, and directly the purchase itself. According to the company, drivers in Germany who use ID.3 will save about 800 euros per year in comparison with car models equipped with internal combustion engines.

This will be the first updated electric car from Volkswagen based on a modular electric drive (MEB). Drivers of other EU countries will also feel the financial benefit of the car. ID.3 is dismissed from deduction of the environmental bonus and other items. There is no road vehicle tax, no oil changes are required and the ID.3 is assigned to a less expensive insurance class (class 17). Energy costs are also lower. will also feel the financial benefit of the car.

The line of cars with the ID index will not standstill. In the near future, Volkswagen will introduce the first electric SUV with a carbon-neutral balance on ID roads.4. Over the next few years, Volkswagen intends to become the global market leader in e-mobility and will invest 33 billion euros for this purpose across the Group until 2024.