Types of car diagnostics

Administrator posted this 30 May 2018

Timely car diagnostics is the first necessary thing that every driver should remember. There are two basic types of vehicle diagnostics:
1. Manual – diagnostics is performing while driving a car or its imitation. It simulates different modes of loads and speeds. With such type of diagnostic, you can determine general vehicle condition.
2. Computer diagnostics is performing with special scan tools, which provide analysis and checking of ECU, Engine, Cooling System, Compression etc.

For complex car checking it would be the best to run both diagnostics types. But if you need just quick scan and regularly control your car condition to prevent serious failures – start using InCarDoc application. It gives many advantages for divers, such as:

  • Read and interpret trouble codes
  • Clear error codes including Check Engine Light
  • Read parameters in real-time (Engine RPM, Motor load, Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Absolute air pressure etc.)
  • Chart drawing for real-time data and many others useful features.