Transmission Unit on the Supercars

Administrator posted this 16 July 2019

Some decades before we had only automatic and manual gearboxes on the cars, as for today, there is no shortage of contenders to choose. We have been written about transmission faults, principles of its duty and differences in classification. Now, we drop some lines about the transmission used for supercars.

The sequential gearbox can be called the best of the best. But why it doesn't use on all cars? What does compose it so perfect? And how does it work?

Dual-clutched transmission is a well-known kind of gearbox for motorists, moreover, the conventional wisdom holds that it is the quickest-shifting gearboxes. In fact, the dual-clutched transmission isn’t used on racing cars. The sequential gearbox is dominating by performance on the car market, now.

What does compose the sequential gearbox so perfect?

  1. In all complexion (flywheel + clutch) has a low weight
  2. It has fewer gear shafts to spin than the dual-clutch gearbox
  3. It has straight-cut gears
  4. It has a low level of power loss
  5. High level of performance
  6. Gears are changed fast

Why it doesn't use on all cars?

  1. It is less smooth
  2. It is extremely loud
  3. It requires the transmission to be rebuilt after just a few thousand miles

The first sequential gearbox appeared on motorcycles in the '50s, then in ’80s transmission was used only in the sphere of car sports. BMW concern was the first who implemented the sequential transmission on the serial manufacture of automobiles. Nowadays, this kind of transmission can be found in some hypercars, sports cars and racing cars.

How does it work?

As you could understand based on the name “the sequential gearbox”, the shifts are changed in order or sequentially. You can’t immediately “jump” from the first to the third gear, bypassing the second. In a word, the sequential gearbox is the combination of advantages manual and automatic transmissions. Besides, there is no clutch pedal, but the clutch mechanism is used, its operation is ensured automatically. On the one hand, the principle of duty is close to the manual gearbox. On the other hand, some differences make the sequential transmission a unique device. Hence, to switch gears, you can use the usual lever or buttons located on the steering wheel. Its capabilities impress, the steering of such a transmission is quite simple and doesn’t require special skills and snap reaction from the driver.