Top cars from Honda

Administrator posted this 28 December 2021

Honda has been around since 1948, but it entered the automotive market relatively later. Over the years of its existence, the cars of the Japanese manufacturer have been able to earn an excellent reputation for themselves. They position the SEB as a reliable and safe car. They also do not break out of the leaders of cars. The company has gained high popularity in the automotive market. Honda strives to maintain and improve the quality of both systems and technologies, as well as the final product. 

We will provide you with top cars from Honda.

Top Honda Cars today

Honda Accord

This car is one of the most selling cars of the Honda company. Its design is made in a modern style and attracts the attention of all. Honda Accord cars of the latest model years are equipped with a clearer and more efficient infotainment system than before.

Accord Technical Specifications:

  • Engine capacity 2,354 cm3;

  • Engine power 201 hp;

  • Power reserve from 540 to 980 km; Maximum speed 227 km/h;

  • Acceleration time to 100 km/h 9.7 sec;

  • Automatic transmission, 5 st.;

  • Front-drive. 

As for the technical characteristics and configuration of the Honda Accord 2021, they have not changed much. Starting from the ninth generation, the Honda Accord is offered not only in variations with classic internal combustion engines but also with hybrid installations. In this regard, the restyled version of the tenth generation sedan has no fundamental differences. The updated version is equipped with engines, the volume of which is 1.5 and 2 liters. Each of the motors is additionally equipped with a turbine, which allows them to produce performance. 

Honda Civic

The Civic model provides complete compactness and convenience of the car. It is ideal for urban use and not only. The developers of the car made it spacious, elegant. It is made in high-quality materials, which adds to its attractiveness. Among the civic variants, many reliable engines combine power and economy.

Specifications and configuration of Honda Civic:


  • 1.5CVT 180 HP gasoline;

  • 2.0CVT 158 hp petrol;

  • Engine capacity - 988 cm3, 1597 cm3 SOHC i-VTEC, 2L SOHC i-VTEC, 1496 cm3 (L15B);

  • Turbo type, inline 3-cylinder atmospheric, inline 4-cylinder, turbo, inline 4-cylinder;

  • Power 129 hp at 5500 rpm 125 hp at 6500 rpm 158 hp 182 hp at 5500 rpm;

  • Torque - 180 N*m at 1700-4500 rpm 152 N*m at 4300 rpm 187 N*m 220 N*m at 5500 rpm;

  • Acceleration 0-100km/h 11 seconds 11.6 seconds 8.2 seconds;

  • Average consumption 5 l/100km 6.7 l/100km 5.2 l/100km

  • Max. speed 200 km/h 196 km/h. 

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is considered the best car in the Honda range due to its spacious interior, convenience, and versatility. Sitting in its interior, you can feel the rapid development of the automotive industry. 

Technical specifications of HONDA CR-V:

  • If you look at the model in new generations, the Honda CR-V of the 5th generation is available in two versions of atmospheric gasoline engines and a CVT transmission.

  • The consumption of a two-liter R20A2 engine with 4 cylinders is 7.5 liters for every 100 km in a mixed cycle. The total engine capacity is 1998 cm3. The SOHC mechanism with one camshaft is equipped with 16 valves.

  • The 2.4-liter engine of the K24W1 series with an injection system and a two-shaft DOC control mechanism has a fuel consumption of 7.8 liters per 100 km.

The advantage of this modification is its economy and increased reaction of the car due to the thrust directed at all four wheels. This allows you to achieve maximum torque with a minimum number of revolutions.