Top Acura Division Cars

Administrator posted this 26 July 2022

Acura Division is the North American division of the Japanese concern Honda. The main difference between Acura cars and similar Honda models is their sporty appearance and a higher level of serial configuration. 

Acura was launched in 1986 in the US and Canadian markets. The decline in sales in the mid-90s was replaced by a steady increase in the brand's popularity. Modern Acura models are traditionally available in four trim levels or combinations thereof. They focus on the latest developments in the area of automotive electronics and convenience.

Let's examine some of the most popular models of this brand.

ACURA CDX made its debut at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in 2016. The vehicle's main competitor is European SUVs Audi Q3. Concerning the Acura CDX design, the model has a modern and catchy design as a premium crossover.

The second point to view is technical characteristics. Engineers have implemented LED headlamps in Jewel Eye. The Acura CDX is equipped with a single-engine, eight-speed preselective automatic variable transmission.

The front-wheel-drive ensures better cross-country and better contact with the road. 

The Acura CDX engine came to her from the tenth-generation Honda Civic. This is an inline turbocharged gasoline four with a volume of 1,496 cubic centimeters. Despite the small volume, the direct fuel injection and advanced timing system, and turbocharger allowed engineers to squeeze out 182 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 240 Nm of torque from 1900 to 5000 crankshaft revolutions per minute.

ACURA MDX. Acura MDX is a massive and large crossover of the premium Japanese brand. The car is famous for its luxurious appearance and the same interior design, amazing power, and technical perfection. According to the available data, the current restyling will affect both the design and technical car's characteristics. According to preliminary information, initially, the novelty will be equipped with only one engine. This is a gasoline turbocharged power unit with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 276 horsepower. In the future, a 3-liter turbine engine may appear in the line. Its capacity will be 360 hp. It is planned to put it on the Type S version if one appears.

ACURA NSX. The relaunch of the legendary Acura NSX took place in 2015 at the motor show. The car is based on a spatial frame made of aluminum alloys and heavy-duty grades of steel. The floor is made of carbon fiber, and the exterior panels are made of winged metal. Moreover, Acura NSX is delivered on new Continental SportContact 6 tires. To participate in competitions on the race track, the manufacturer advises Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. Acura NSX has a V-shaped gasoline six with two turbochargers. It is located directly behind the rear seats, within the wheelbase, which gives the car a practical ideal mass balance along the 42:58 axes. It transmits torque to the rear axle via a nine-speed robotic dual-clutch gearbox. Among other things, a 48-horsepower electric motor is also installed there. Two electric motors with 36 forces are responsible for driving the front wheels. As a result, the total peak output of the supercar is 581 horsepower and 654 Nm of torque. From a place to a hundred, he breaks down in just 2.9 seconds and can gain up to 308 kilometers per hour as much as possible.

ACURA RLX. The new version of the flagship Acura RLX sedan appeared before the general public on the stage of the summer California Auto Show in August 2017.

Acura RLX perfectly illuminates the road and gives the car a unique charm. The main characteristic of these optics is the multitude of small focal lenses in every unit. The radiator grille has a hexagonal shape and flaunts a massive manufacturer's logo. The Acura RLX is a four-door full-size premium sedan. Its total dimensions are 4982 mm long, 1890 mm wide, 1465 mm high, and a wheelbase - of 2850 mm. The technical part of the Acura RLX has retained its structure and received some nice improvements. The sedan's engine is a V-shaped atmospheric gasoline six with a volume of 3476 cubic centimeters. Thanks to a good liter and the i-VTEC system, it develops 310 horsepower at 5800 rpm and 272 Nm of torque at 4500 crankshaft revolutions per minute. From now on, all this traction is digested by a ten-stage variable automatic transmission that replaces the old six bands. Thanks to a wide range of gear ratios, the engine can run longer in optimal mode, which improves dynamics and efficiency.