Top 5 cars for long journeys. What is their difference?

Administrator posted this 02 May 2022

Car travel is one of the types of recreation that is increasingly practised. Someone sets out to just drive a long distance, studying nature and sights. Others go to a particular city or corner of the country to spend time with a loved one, children, or friends. But it is important to understand that not every car is suitable for such tasks. The travel-car should be selected properly. When choosing the best car for travel, you need to consider the number of passengers, roads, carry luggage, comfort and other significant points. Before starting, pay attention that we don't talk about motor homes.

Taking a car for a trip depends on individual needs and routes. Follow a checklist of bases points on how to choose a vehicle for travelling.

  • Comfort. The objective best car for joint travel, especially for long-distance ones, is the one that can provide a high level of comfort. Among the selection criteria, you should always bring to the fore convenience, ergonomics, comfort, and microclimate in the car. The armchairs should not only be comfortable but should also be easily unfolded. It is relevant if travellers plan to sleep in the car. A modern multimedia system will provide music and, if possible, watch movies. Although sometimes just good music is enough.
  • Economy. When planning to go on several trips with the whole family, choose a car also in terms of economy. A good solution for efficiency will be a diesel engine. In winter it is more difficult to run it at a low temperature. Focus on hybrid systems too. They are quite economical and reliable.
  • Trunk volume. For fans travelling around the world, the car is also required to have sufficient space to accommodate luggage. A properly selected car with a large litre of the trunk will provide the driver and his passengers with a place for their belongings. Additional alternatives may be an auto box, or a trailer if there is a lot of luggage.
  • Reliability and safety of the car for long distances. Reliability and safety of the car for long distances. Take into account the condition of the engine. It should calmly digest not the best fuel because there isn't high-quality fuel in small villages.

Here are some examples of cars that are suitable for long trips

Mercedes V-Class is one of the most relevant options for long trips with family and friends. The car provides a fuel expense at the level of a passenger model. Mercedes V-Class has an increased capacity of the trunk for a long-distance ride. The company has developed an excellent multimedia system to make the ride safe, comfortable and fun. Drivers can choose the equipment and interior design individually. Mercedes V-Class is a modern, luxurious car that can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Hyundai H1 is an updated South Korean car that travels easy and provides comfort. The manufacturers have developed the car as high-quality, reliable, modern on the outside, and thoughtful on the inside. This reliable, stylish minivan from a South Korean manufacturer offers a 2.5-litre diesel engine. As for the powertrain, it depends on the version. Hyundai H1 with manual gearbox releases 136 horsepower, and with automatic transmission, you will get 170 horses. The consumption will be 6.4-7.3 litres per 100 kilometres, which is more than worth it.

Volkswagen California meets the needs of travellers better than any car on the list. It provides a good level of comfort and safety. There is an integrated table, a cupboard for dishes and groceries, a refrigerator, a stove, etc. The driver's and front passenger seat rotates around their axis to be able to turn to the table during lunch. This car is ideal for family trips, as it has a good capacity. Also provided are a modern multimedia system, climate control, and a navigator. With a two-litre diesel engine, you will not have to spend more than 8 litres per 100 km.

Kia Sorento is a mid-size crossover similar to a full-size SUV. It is the perfect car for friendly travel. The car has a discreet but stylish design. 

The crossover is available with petrol and diesel engines. These are 2.4 and 2.2-liter engines with 174 and 197 horsepower, respectively. Everything is practical and versatile. The materials are of good quality, so the driver and his passengers will not experience discomfort. Among the advantages is a trunk for 530 litres.

Toyota RAV4 is a new generation that has appeared quite recently and has already managed to gain popularity among motorists. The new generation is better because the ground clearance has been raised to 195 mm. Therefore, drivers can ride off-road. The luggage compartment has been increased, which now amounts to 580 litres. If the driver choose Toyota RAV4, it gets a practical, comfortable, safe, and roomy car for travelling.