Tiny 100% Eclectic European Car for Adult and Teenagers — Citroen AMI

Administrator posted this 02 March 2020

The Citroen's AMI is a small two-seat electric car that doesn’t require a license to drive in some countries. The concept of this small nonconformist car was presented previous year at the Geneva Motor show. AMI-100% electrics have no analogues in mobility.

For small towns, this car is a great solution. It has 100% electrification and zeroes CO2 emissions, which is what all car manufacturers strive for.  Of course, it is impossible to compare a small AMI with a Subaru Forester. However, in its category, this vehicle has the leading and best features.

The exterior of the car is very unusual, and it is worth admitting that not everyone likes it. The designers decided to focus on symmetry and smooth. sight shapes. As a result, the small car visually looks heavy.

It is interesting to note that in France, the AMI is available to drive from 14 years, and from 16 in other EU countries with or without a driver's license.  Besides, you can charge the AMI in 3 hours from a standard electrical outlet in your garage/home. Transport reaches a speed of 45 km/h. The size of the car will fit even in the tightest Parking lot because its parameters are 2.4 m X 1.4 m X 1.5 m (length, width, height).

Citroen engineers also took into account the fact that the owner of the AMI can be tall drivers, so, despite its compact size, the AMI will provide enough space inside for a comfortable ride. Also, the company offers several customization packages, aiming to reach as large an audience as possible.

We can only guess, what will be the indicators of sales and interest in this small electric car. However, at the 2019 Geneva motor show, this crumb was able to attract the attention of experts, journalists and motorists.