The Nature Of The Problem Of Vibrationin The Steerin Wheel During Braking

Administrator posted this 26 February 2019

The vibration of the steering wheel during braking can be caused by minor structural damage, but ignoring this factor can lead to serious consequences.


If the tractive system of the car has ever been repaired, and after that, there was a knock, the major problem lay in the material of the replaced parts, or in the work of the mechanic.

If the reason for the wear of the brake discs, the beating in the steering wheel is especially evident after driving in wet weather. In addition to the vibration in the steering wheel, problems begin with the brake pedal. A simple way to check it - is to use the handbrake. It is important to note, if you use the handbrake the knocking disappears - this indicates a problem with the front brake pads. But if the beating left - the problem is the rear brake pads.

The presence of blisters or ” Bulge " on the tire or wheel is easier to notice. In the absence of visible damage, the surface must be inspected from the inside.

The deformation of steering racks is a more serious problem and it is more difficult to diagnose it.T he low quality mechanisms, corrosion and improper installation are common causes of problems with steering racks. They can only be diagnosed at service stations.

Ignoring the problem puts an increased load on the running system. Failure to repair in the early stages. In the future, it will only cost more. In addition, under emergency braking conditions is violated the behavior of the car.