The inCarDoc app is an up-to-date solution for every motorist. The possibilities of using the Adapter

Administrator posted this 07 April 2022

The use of mobile applications has become part of the daily life of users. They can be designed for almost all industries. The automotive field is one of the most popular services. Mobile applications for cars are gaining more and more popularity among motorists around the world. 

inCarDoc is a mobile application that connects to the vehicle's onboard computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth or Wifi. The app provides extensive opportunities for on-board vehicle diagnostics. The inCarDoc app has a branded adapter, developed with the support of PNN Soft IT company.

inCarDoc users can check classic features of the OBD2 testing app, for instance, to read, write and save parameters. The app does it in real-time, and parameters can be saved by the user to the app history. What is more, users can display those parameters in charts. This solution allows tracking the dynamics of changes, and visual interpretation simplifies perception.

Put simply, the main purpose of the app is to find diagnostic trouble codes of the engine, brakes, etc. The main solution of it is to solve driver about errors in the engine workflow and prevent major breaks. Troubleshooting with inCarDoc is the way to solve minor errors, if the back, the driver needs to go to the service station. Pay attention, that the app has a map with Service Stations and Fuel/Gas Stations in your location.

Using the application, you can estimate the fuel consumption by the economizer parameter. Calculation of fuel economy is a unique opportunity for the driver to monitor his car. Also, the application allows you to display and save the parameters of the vehicle while driving so that during the check of the car at the service station, a specialist can see the condition of the car. PNN Soft developers have created an advanced web portal The portal provides many opportunities. It makes using the app more convenient and easier. The web portal provides support and answers to questions about our application. Its participants can create dialogues, participate in discussions and share experiences. In case of a problem, you can view the user guide or answers to frequently asked questions. There is a News Feed on the inCarDoc website. Visitors can be aware of some car events, and read articles about cars repair or driving. InCarDoc has Instagram Account , too. This increases the user experience and, accordingly, the effectiveness of the application.

The application reads the main or basic indicators that carry the greatest value:

  • speed;
  • rpm;
  • temperature;
  • pressure;
  • lambda and other parameters of the car.
  • users can specify units of measurement in the settings (miles or km, liters or gallons).

To date, every willing motorist can purchase an inCarDoc adapter. Our engineers have provided a high-quality and reliable connection. The adapter is designed and tested by professional engineers and developers of the inCarDoc application. It is adapted to the application and safely connects to the onboard computer of the car. The inCarDoc adapter can be purchased on our website (currently not available on Amazon).