The First EV by Mazda - is One Step Closer to the New Cars Generation

Administrator posted this 17 September 2019

The main purpose (at least one of them) of the car's manufacturers - is to decrease fuel emissions and make a powerful car with the electric engine. What is the EV’s market position today? Thousands of Electric-Car Community events happening all over the world but users aren’t riddled with excitation.

Sales of electric vehicles are growing gradually, similarly, manufacturers are introducing new lines of cars HEV, PHEV, REEV, BEV, FCEV.

For instance, Mazda's First EV Is Officially Coming Next Month. The debut is going to be organized at the Tokyo Motor Show. Until the event in Japan, the details are undercover. So, not even disclosed the body type of the car. However, given market trends likely this will be a hatchback. It is known only that this is a completely new model in the Mazda lineup with a battery-electric power powertrain. Its prototype was shown at the Tech Forum earlier, and we can guess only, that it is going to be equipped in the New Mazda’s EV. We are referring to the 140-hp electric motor and a 35.5-kWh battery pack.

The electric powertrain isn't a holistic decision in the sphere of alternative car's motors. The concept car 2022 BMW I Hydrogen Next Fuel-Cell based on the BMW X5 M, proves it. BMW discern a future of hydrogen fuel cells, battery-electric powertrains, and plug-in hybrids existence. BMW claims the i Hydrogen Next can refuel in less than four minutes and provides a run of 310 to 370 miles.

Electric motors and other alternative motors are increasingly distributed in the market and are recognized by the consumer.