The extensive functionality of the inCarDoc application for the diagnosis of your car

Administrator posted this 18 March 2022

Previously, car diagnostics through a mobile application was not in demand. Today, it is an efficient solution for safe driving on the road. It is gaining more and more popularity among motorists because it is a tool for early diagnostics of engine or brakes errors. Special programs will allow you to independently learn about the main problems in the car and eliminate some of them. All you need is to find a particular adapter and connect the diagnostic device to the OBD2. The information transmitted from the sensors will be displayed on the smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Therefore, the driver monitors the engine's indicators and performers of the car.

inCarDoc is one of the actual OBD2 programs for car diagnostic. The application allows you to get complete information about the condition of the engine and the operation of its systems. The mobile app inCarDoc for iOS and Android allows:

  • To diagnose Check Engine errors. 
  • Get information on the virtual dashboard in real-time.
  • Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes of the car dashboard.
  • The ability to edit car data, which will include: mileage, model, year of manufacture, engine capacity, etc.
  • Viewing saved auto parameters in the form of graphs.
  • The ability to compile ratings of personal trips for the period.
  • Viewing and comparing the results of auto parameters.

Also, the developers of PNN Soft have created a PRO version of the inCarDoc application. 

The functionality of the PRO version provides for the driver:

  • The ability to record real-time parameters.
  • Read, display, and write multiple parameters simultaneously.
  • Recording parameters in the background.
  • GPS support for linking parameters to the track.
  • Viewing fuel consumption statistics.
  • Console mode. 
  • Custom settings for working with non-standard parameters and protocols. 
  • Sending data to the portal

The portal provides many opportunities to make the use of the application more convenient and simple. When using the portal, the user can:

  • Upload and save auto-recording information.
  • Viewing and sharing information online.
  • Communication with other users. 
  • Own profile page.
  • The opportunity to gain new experience on topics of interest.

Therefore, the inCarDoc application is a convenient application for auto diagnostics. The app is available for iOS and Android (additional features can be purchased inside the app itself). Drivers who have used inCarDoc feel more confident and reliable on the road.