The Best Octavia Of All Time. What to expect?

Administrator posted this 04 November 2019

On November 11, 2019, the new Škoda Octavia will have its world premiere in Prague. The car with innovative technologies, elegant and trendy body design, comfortable interior and high-performance power unit will start a competition with other cars on the market.

The Škoda Octavia has an elongated silhouette with an outlined body design. The car’s exterior is surprisingly thinly bordered on the level of an aggressively powerful supercar and a luxury premium vehicle.

Diversity and Sustainability

The new Škoda Octavia is equipped with modern TDI and TSI engines with increased efficiency. Škoda cares about the environment and has developed hybrid power units in addition to diesel and petrol engine options. CNG-powered or Compressed natural gas-powered vehicles are vehicles that operate in the same way as gasoline cars with spark ignition of internal combustion engines. However, several technical changes have reduced emissions. The CNG drive is equipped in the Skoda Octavia G-TEK model to produce 25% less CO2, while the engine power of 1.5 TSI is 130 metric HP or 96kw.

The performance varies depending on the combination of the engine type with the gearbox. Thus, buyers will have a wide choice in the equipment of the new Skoda Octavia. For example, both engines (1.0 TSI, 81 kW or 110 PS) and 1.5 TSI 110 kW or 150 PS) come with a DSG 7-speed transmission and a 6-speed manual transmission without hybrid technology.

Three new-generation EVO diesel engines emit up to 80% less nitrogen oxide, they can provide power output from 113 HP to 197 HP (85 kW-147 kW).

Better Aerodynamics?

Škoda offers three chassis complexation for the new Octavia, namely a sports suspension with a ground clearance 15 mm below the standard and a universal 15 mm higher.

The aerodynamic properties of the car fix its environmental friendliness and performance. At the moment, the new Octavia is among the most aerodynamic cars in the world. Improved aerodynamics also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Implementation Of Innovative Technologies

The new Octavia is the first model in the company's lines to be equipped with a display on the windshield. Important speed and navigation information that drivers are used to seeing on the display will now be projected onto the windshield without distracting from the road.

The latest generation of the digital and individually customizable dashboard is equipped with a 10-inch screen and has become even more user-friendly.