The beating of the brake pedal — how dangerous is it?

Administrator posted this 23 May 2019

The beating of the brake pedal is a clear problem, indicating a malfunction of the brake system. This fault has a low level of danger, but ignoring it - can play a fatal role.

The beating of the brake pedal occurs as a consequence of the reverse action on the cylinders. That is, under normal conditions, the pads evenly compress the brake rotors or pressed against the brake drums or friction sheave.

When the same rotors and/or drums are worn out (unevenly faded). As a rule, this happens in an aggressive driving style. As a result, in the place where the rotor is most erased, the block falls there. Where the thickness is normal, the block moves in the opposite direction, thus exerting the opposite effect on the cylinder. At high speeds driving, the displacement of the pads is given by beating the brake pedal.

Depreciation of brake pads, wheel bearings, and sometimes the banal is not the tightness of the fastener of the suspension components can cause the beating of the brake pedal

The solution to the problem of beating the brake pedal is simple and obvious, it is a replacement of worn parts.