Sports cars: Supercar and Hypercar

Administrator posted this 31 January 2019

Hundreds of horsepower, stylish unique design, limited series of production, one-off production and a million dollar price tag - this is how you can describe supercars and hypercars, which are the top segment of sports cars.   

When creating such cars, attention is paid to the technical layout and aerodynamics. Ideally, the weight of the car on its front and the rear part is divided equally.  For this reason, the engine is located behind the seats but remains within the wheelbase.   

Top of the classification of cars according to the power and speed is the hypercar.  It is impossible to qualify a supercar into a hypercar on some unambiguous indicators. Their power exceeded the limit of 1000 HP. The best example for today is the Bugatti Chiron. With a full tank, and at full speed (threshold 443 kph or 275 mph), the car can drive 9 minutes. For example, after leaving Washington DC in 9 minutes, you could already be walking through Time Square in New York City. At the same time, the price of this car starts about $2,7 million dollars.  

Released super and hypercar, within its series and models, have a different purpose, which further limits their edition. For example, with the release of 100 cars, most of it will be a road option, after will be presented racing versions and prototypes of Le Mans races (LM) and for the championship FIA GT (Grand Turismo car races), etc.  

Rolls Royce Sweptails-the most expensive car for today, the year of release 2017, the model year 2018, car costs $13 million, although its power and speed are much inferior to many other sports cars, and call it a supercar, in this aspect, isn’t appropriate. Rolls Royce Sweptails accelerates to 241.4 kph (150mph) at 435 HP.