SkyActiv Technology - non-standard solution

Administrator posted this 05 March 2019

SkyActiv Technology (not to be confused with TM Sky Active) is a trademark owned by the automotive Mazda Motor Corporation (Simply called Mazda) for the production of advanced automotive technologies that allow efficient use of engine power and fuel. 

The Japanese manufacturer Mazda has always been distinguished by non-standard design solutions, and their desire to follow environmental standards Euro-6, made them develop new technology, without losses in the volume of the engine. 

SkyActiv Technology has been implemented in Mazda cars since 2011. However, their first presentation was at the 2008 Tokyo Motor Show. Under the name of this brand, it has been producing engines, transmission units, chassis, and the car-bodies for more than 8 years now.

Skyactiv Technology Engines

SkyActiv technologies are endowed with a number of advantages, namely:

  • Modified geometric suspension
  • Improved gearbox and automatic transmission
  • Upgraded exhaust manifold
  • Direct fuel injection introduced
  • Increased compression ratio
  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Ensuring the purity of fuel combustion

* the ratio of the volume of space above the piston at its lower dead center to the volume of space above it at its upper dead center (combustion chamber volume).

SkyActiv Technology began its existence in 2011, and therefore is represented by only two generations.

  • 2011-2019-First Generation
  • From 2020-The Second Generation

A feature of the second generation, which will open the engine Mazda SkyActiv - X, will use the ignition from the HCCI (Homogeneous charge compression ignition).

Displacement engines ranging from 1.3 to 2.5 liter Max power on a turbocharged engine is 184 HP (310 lb-ft). Power specifications are different from the country where the car realized, its model, year of realizing etc. In total, 13 models of the brand are endowed with the petrol engine.

Six Mazda models are equipped with the Diesel engines, the volume of which is within 1.5 – 2.2 liters. SkyActiv Technology diesel engines have been installed on cars since 2012.


The engine for hybrid cars. The first retail car Mazda SkyActiv-Hybrid was presented in 2013 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Engine SkyActiv-CNG which runs on natural compressed gas at the 2013 Motor Show in Tokyo, too.

Install Transmission - SkyActiv-Drive and SKYACTIV-MT

Engineers involved in SkyActiv technologies have made significant changes to the automatic transmission, changing its design. The improvements have reduced the load on the Torque Converter.


Manual transmission which has improved gearshift, in fact, due to this the driver feels comfortable and it is easier to drive a car. In addition, the engineers managed to reduce transmission size, thereby reducing the system weight by 16%.

The Vehicle's SkyActiv-Body

Modernization of the body under the brand name SkyActiv improved aerodynamic and weight qualities of the car.


Provide a more reliable grip, and therefore, the driver feels the car better. In design. Front and rear suspension were made a lot of changes, which allowed to achieve optimal results.

But not everything is perfect. Technologies implemented by Mazda have disadvantages. The complexity of the design - complicates the repair and selection of spare parts, motors are usually more noisy.

There are a number of disadvantages that can be avoided if you use quality fuel and care for the car checking its electronics with our application.