Semi-automatic transmission & PowerShift

Administrator posted this 13 June 2019

Semi-automatic transmission is another type of gearbox. This device is billed as a manual gearbox with automatic control. At the same time, it is wrong to be confident that the clutch-less manual transmission is a kind of automatic, manual gearbox or CVT.

The semi-automatic transmission (SAT) complexion reminds mechanics, in addition, it is equipped with actuators for clutch release/transmission selection), as well as sensors and electronic control unit.

The reliability of the SAT is still remaining a lot of questions. Initially, this type of transmission was introduced in the 80s, and was developed to improve the performance of racing cars and save time on gear changes without loss of power. In 1982, the company presented the automobile with the semi-automatic transmission at The Le-Mans race, and that car was the first which came to the finish line. However, even that occasion didn’t eliminate the problem of low reliability of the gearbox.

The problem with this gearbox usually is relevant to the connection between the clutch and the electronics. The SAT with one clutch takes some time to turn on the second gear, as a result, you feel "failure of the car". The decision to add the second clutch, and it eliminated (but not completely) the problem.

Automobile makers renounce the SAT. In comparison with the automatic transmission, or especially CVT, the dual-clutch manual type transmission losses its position.

PowerShift is a six-speed dual clutch semi-automatic transmission causes a great resonance among drivers. The six-speed transmission was developed and implemented by Ford on the Ford Focus 3-rd generation (in 2012) also it was used in Volvo cars.

Also, one major paradox of transmission service and the operation of the device must be mentioned. The manufacturer indicates that the type of 70 000 km.

In addition, in the "sport mode” the car with the dual clutch semi-automatic the transmission will behave better, especially in traffic jams and/or with a tight flow of traffic, but this won't have any effect on the power.

The most common fault is pouring of fillers on the primary shaft. As a result, the transmission fluid flood out both clutches, which starts to slip. Wedging electric connectors is the second problem on the prevalence. To solve these problems, you can only to replace the defective components. The oxidation of the units and the failure of the transmission control module (TCM) two more challenges faced by drivers with cars the 6-speed dual clutch SAT.

Nowadays, the case of breakdowns and problems with PowerShift has dropped significantly, but to buy or not the vehicle with the SAT, is up to you. This type of transmission shows itself the best on the highway or in the rare flow of transport in the city.