Safety Car Technologies

Administrator posted this 11 July 2019

Technologies are move and develop fast, modern cars that are available today on the market from different manufacturers, equipped with a huge number of sensors to improve road safety, make the trip more comfortable for the driver and passengers, etc. On the example of three brands Mazda, Toyota (Japan) and Hyundai (South Korea) can be considered the most popular and widespread safety technology on the road.

Safety technologies can prevent road accidents in two ways. The first is to inform the driver about the potential danger and provide him with information about the state on the road. The software analyzes and predicts the behavior of other road users. The second way is automatic-driving, when the car adjusts its position on the road, controls speed or brakes by itself. Engineers regard a high risk of the car accident when they develop and design the car. In this case, the use of technology to maximize the protection of the driver and passengers.

Mazda I-ACTIVSENSE - technology equipped with detection devices—radars, cameras and sensors.  The software built into the car identify what even the driver can not see, analyzes the conditions and applies the information to inform the driver or independently corrects the movement of the car.

Active safety technology allows:

  1. Direct the low-beam headlights in the direction of your move
  2. Automatically switch the headlights from the low & high lighting (depending on the time of day and weather conditions when you steer)
  3. Allows you to control the speed and keep a safe distance
  4. Warns of the approach of another car on contraflow lane or on both sides behind you while steering on the highway
  5. Detects the carriageway marking and warns about cross a frontier.

Pre-Crash Safety Technology

  1. Alarms if it detects the risk of collision.
  2. Controls acceleration and prevent sudden speed dial when accidentally pressing the accelerator pedal

ITS (intelligent transport systems) will reduce traffic accidents. This technology alerts the driver to an invisible danger.

Hyundai has also introduced technologies to prevent collisions and reduce damage in the event of a road accident.

  1. FCA technology directly uses cameras and sensors to analyze area around, and automatically reduce speed and alert the driver of possible road collisions 
  2. BAS - brake technology, which analyzes the situation on the road and in case of risk collision the car automatically stops (if necessary)
  3. HAC - this technology is aimed at safety when driving uphill.
  4. VSM - driving stability control in adverse weather conditions.
  5. TPMS - tire pressure monitoring system
  6. SHBA - automatic switching between low beam and high beam

Toyota Safety Sense also has the number of systems aimed at safety. All technologies are not automated, they are auxiliary for the driver.

  1. Pedestrian detection system allows the driver to break in time
  2. The car alerts the driver of the unintended cross the carriageway marks
  3. Automatic adjustment of light of headlights
  4. Highly Intelligent cruise control by the camera on the windshield allows the driver to keep a safe distance
  5. Recognition of road signs — the function does not allow the driver to lose sight of notifications about a stop, speed reduction, etc.

As a result, vehicle security systems are rarely automated, they continue to interact with people, increasing reliability and safety. However, each system has its limitations, and no security system or a combination of such systems can prevent all accidents.