The pursuit of a powerful electric car

Administrator posted this 13 November 2019

The purpose to create the fastest, most powerful and most-the most unique car between manufacturers does not stop until now. The creation of the fastest electric supercar is very close. One of the first was the car of the Croatian automaker Rimac C_Two California Edition which is able to reach a maximum speed of 258 mph. The electric motor produces 1914 HP and torque up to 1696 rpm. the Specific component of this car is its bright and rich body color and the presence of a special compartment for champagne bottles.

A little later in this race there was a supercar Evija from the British company Lotus together with the Chinese concern Geely. Production is scheduled for may 2020. This one-piece monocoque car is equipped with 4 electric motors, and produces a total of 1973 HP. the power Reserve in economy mode is as much as 400 km. the maximum speed of the Evija is 320 km/h. according to Lotus, their novelty will be the first production car that will use laser optics and video cameras.

The Japanese manufacturer Aspark joined “the race”, on November 13. However, according to their statement, they have created the most dynamic electric supercar. The production version of the Owl, has a fully independent suspension on double wishbones. The height of this car, only 99 cm. the Manufacturer hides the technical characteristics, but said that the car will reach speeds up to 2012 HP and 2000 Nm of torque. The power reserve is 450 km, and the maximum speed is 400 km/h.