Outdoor Activity with New 2019 Toyota Corolla Trek

Administrator posted this 24 September 2019

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports line-up in partnership with TREK Bicycle announced new complements with the more rugged option to the spacious and efficient cars' line-up. Leveraged modifications enable users to reach an off-road destination for outdoor activity and the sports lifestyle with comfort. The following feature set of Corolla Trek is available only in Touring Sports models.

In accordance with the modern approach to the trend for environmentally friendly cars, Corolla Touring line-up is represented by HEVs with 1.8 or 2.0-liter engines. Equally important to mention several features which streamline the body and passing ability of cars.

We recall that for the first time for the public Toyota Corolla TREK appeared on the road during the bike race "La Vuelta", 24, August – 15, September.

Exterior Design

A body of Toyota Corolla Trek is raised-up with 20 mm in ride height, and its sides are protected with additional cladding. Also, the car is equipped with front & rear underrun. All mentioned above allows you to preserve an easy and comfortable move through any terrain.

The modifications also touched the wheels, in particular, in this configuration, the automaker offers 17-inch alloy wheels. Besides, improved fog and led headlights allow to drive at bad weather conditions.

Car Cabin — Interior specs

In the interior design, you will highlight the decorative elements of wood trim dashboard, which looks elegant. Besides, the comfort of car use and entertainment will be easy and pleasant with the 7or 8-inch color TFT display.

Safe for you

The new corolla Trek includes the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense. The system works perfectly, both day and night, it detects pedestrians and bicycles and warns the driver to predict crush. Moreover, the intelligent system monitors road markings, recognizes road signs and automatically switches to high and low beam when necessary.

Does it have any cons?

All car's features are well-aligned with modern requirements of the market and drivers. Its main approach is used for outside the city drive. However, this car model cannot be called an SUV, crossover or station wagon. Corolla Trek is smth between all of those names. The car's main disadvantage is unavailability of all-wheel drive (even as optional).

Performance savings and emissions figures will be published by the company in the future.