Nissan Group is Faithful to Minimalism, Technology, and Ecology

Administrator posted this 01 October 2019

Drivers who stick with Nissan are waiting for novelties of the company in 2020. Indeed, Nissan intends to update its lineup in different categories. There are basic elements for manufacturers in the automotive niche, that they are focused on: environmentally friendly and efficient transport. The Corporation announced the prices for NV Cargo Van and NV Passenger Van, announced the participants of the 46th Tokyo Motor Show and opened the curtain before the new economical concept IMk.

Nissan Surprises Us With...

Nissan intends to present 14 models of cars at the Tokyo Motor Show. Cars are exhibited as concepts or as full-fledged production models in different configurations (standard and optional technologies). The company supports the modern trend for muscular body shape in combination with the traditions of the manufacturer when developing design.

The Nissan IMk. Nissan demonstrates excellent quality and well meet the expectations of users with the release of the Nissan Leaf. Correcting previous elements and improving technology, the Corporation declares a concept car with zero emissions to the public at the end of October. Nissan IMk is an urban compact car with modern technology ProPILOT.

The Nissan LEAF e+. The Nissan Leaf debuted in 2010 and there are over 430,000 sales for now. It's time to update the technological features of the car. Leaf e+ offers improved performance, electric transmission, increased drive range limits.

Serena e-POWER. The Serena minivan debuted with ProPILOT technology, and this year received an electrified version.

The new Nissan Skyline. The premium class sedan gets a range of modifications. The Skylines model lineup has been existing for 62 years. Skyline technologies have been updated to the new version and make driving much easier. The model Skyline 400R with 6 cylinder 3-liters engine — is the most powerful car in its series, and will be present at the Tokyo Motor Show too.

The Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary. This is a special edition for the sportscar segment.

The new 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO. A powerful sports car with an engine similar to the 2018 GT-R GT3. It has new updated brakes and exterior components. Both supercars have exclusive designs and unique interior elements.

Zero Emissions IMk EV and...

The main advantage of the concept car is zero emissions, however which modern technologies Nissan will offer to customers soon?

ProPILOT technology reduces stress and allows the driver to be more confident behind the wheel, as it takes on some of the driving functions. This is especially true for large cities with high traffic density on the roads. Besides, Nissan Intelligent Mobility and Nissan-in-Visible (I2V) technologies, improve the driving experience for the driver and passengers.

Aesthetics is in minimalism. This statement perfectly characterizes the design of a compact city car. Nissan aims to pay tribute to Japanese traditions, reflecting them in the exterior and interior of the car, through color and material. The interior is upholstered with light and light material, and accents are placed with wooden inserts-elements. Nissan describes the interior of the concept as: "A cozy living room, where the seat is made in the style of a bench, with a soft texture, creates a relaxing, pleasant space that creates the impression of sitting on a floating cloud." Indeed, the bright interior with dark carpet relaxes.

Despite the rigid minimalism, Japanese technology is a modern milestone. Driving information is transmitted to the driver via holographic displays. The graphical interpretation of the user's interaction with the car's computer has own peculiarities. Interactivity, personalization and small entertainment character. Also, the car can interact with the driver directly via a smartphone, reporting important information.