Nissan continues to develop the ”E" technology

Administrator posted this 05 June 2020

The "E" in e-4ORCE stands for 100% of Nissan's electric drive system. A car with absolutely new technology. The combination of an electric motor and battery pack provides levels of acceleration and torque once reserved for supercars or super-fast passenger Express trains. 

The company has previously demonstrated the technology in 2019 and on a specially designed test vehicle. Nissan's electronic transmission control technology in the e-4ORCE test car responds to the driver's input with ultra-precise control. 

The balanced steering technology features precise steering and reliable control for the driver. 

As a rule, when turning, the vehicle tends to deviate from the turn during acceleration, as a result of which the driver either applies more steering force or reduces speed (understeer). e-4ORCE distributes torque to the front and rear wheels of the car to maximize tire friction (grip) depending on the road surface condition and the situation on the car.