Nissan and BMW at CES

Administrator posted this 19 December 2019

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 is the first event of the coming year. BMW and Nissan have already announced participation.

To demonstrate its vision for the future, Nissan will unveil the Nissan Ariya zero-emission concept car. The Crossover combines advanced technology. In particular, the company has developed a system of more dynamic acceleration, took care of the transmission of a sense of speed, which has an impact on the driving experience. Acoustic metamaterials that provide a quiet cabin and a calm ride

BMW Group will introduce the i3 Urban Suite

The company has been developing electric motors and environmentally friendly transport for 7 years. In early 2020, BMW engineers will present a breakthrough new product.

The comfort of the future can be achieved thanks to a large comfortable seat with a footrest, a screen that reclines from the ceiling, and a personal sound zone. Also, not only the environmental friendliness of the car lies in the absence of emissions, but also materials, which cover the salon are eco-friendly or suited to the processing.

The BMW i3 Urban Suite is just one of the highlights of the BMW Group booth at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.