New Items and Updates: Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen

Administrator posted this 17 February 2020


190 HP and 450 Nm of power in the face of the Nissan N-Guard pickup received visual updates. Now the car stands out thanks to the noticeable details of the exterior and interior. The model comes with four options for painting facades. Consumers will especially love the rich blue, including blue, combined with the popular black, white, and grey shades. The exterior has been added to the stitching of the leather seats in the body colour and customizable lighting. In addition, the newly upgraded four-disc brake system and revised rear suspension also equip the model, making it easier to drive and control.


The American Council for energy-efficient Economics (ACEEE) analyzed the environmental impact of each Hyundai vehicle over its lifetime. And now Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Blue 2020 and IONIQ Electric have deservedly become eco-friendly cars of 2020. The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Blue model received a Green 66 rating, becoming the highest in this year's rating. IONIQ Electric took third place with 65 points Green.

A new concept from Hyundai, namely the EV "Prophecy", will be demonstrated at the Geneva motor show. The smooth silhouette of the car, which does not correspond to modern trends in overall and aggressive cars, provides incredible aerodynamics. So far, the company has only shown a short teaser video of the model, but it is likely that by the month of March, the company will show a full image of the Prophecy model, which translates as a prophecy.


In addition to Hyundai, Volkswagen also presented its car announcement. The company partially demonstrated the new Golf GTD. Among the technical innovations is the most powerful and, thanks to double dosing, the cleanest turbocharged engine (TDI) ever installed in the Golf.