New Generation Corvette Stringary

Administrator posted this 14 April 2020

The first thing to stop at is a new line-up. A traditional car with a front-mounted engine has reached the threshold of its capabilities. The new Stringary has a median engine location. The advantages of this solution has improved performance characteristics, in particular:

  • Better weight distribution
  • Better sense of control and manageability
  • Excellent advanced lines of view throughout the vehicle for the driver and passenger. This was achieved thanks to the modified side racks.
  • Enhancing traditional Corvette useful features. Car with two trunks for a total cargo volume of 357 litres,

The design of the Corvet Stringary is naturally close to the appearance of racing cars. He is slender and muscular, with a sporty sculptural form that conveys a sense of movement and strength from all sides. Fully hidden door, hood and sunroof latches do not violate the design. A large rear hatch that shows off the engine with seven vents.

As usual, the frame complements the specified direction with the exterior. However, a number of changes in the cab do not concern visual aspects. The cab moved forward by 42 cm. The interior is low but spacious thanks to the lowered dashboard. A new square steering wheel with two small-diameter spokes, providing an unobstructed view of the 12-inch reconfigurable cluster display.

The structure of the Corvette is built around its base: the Central tunnel. This allows the light, rigid structure to serve as the basis for the suspension system to operate in an optimized manner. By removing unwanted body pliability, Corvette customers will get maximum driving performance with outstanding side-grip capabilities. The car has a strong sense of grip with minimal vibrations at high speeds or in long distances