Mercedes-Benz and 4MATIC system on their car models

Administrator posted this 14 February 2019

To answer the question of what is 4MATIC is, it will be, “four-wheel drive (4x4 or 4WD) gear, which distributes the torque on each wheel separately, depending on the situation. The system allows you to improve the grip, in the case where even one of the wheels is slips.

Currently, there are about 80 models of Mercedes-Benz, which are equipped with the 4MATIC system. Consequently, the system is installed on cars of C-, E-, S -, and CLS-classes, and on SUVs and Cross-Country of GLA-, GLK-, M -, GL-and G-classes. The top of the 4WD model range is occupied by a set of powerful high-performance models from Mercedes-AMG. 4MATIC systems provide high dynamics of movement and improved acceleration from the start.

In 2016, the company provided the ability to disable the system 4MATIC (it called 4MATIC+). In this way the car becomes a rear-wheel drive, which gives it a number of disadvantages, although it gives some significant advantages. For example: it unloads the front of the car and improved grip of the rear wheels with the road, easy accelerates and overcomes hills, it is easy to eliminate skidding, although it occurs at a lower speed, and the rear-wheel-drive turning radius is much smaller.

The 4MATIC system was developed in 1985-87 and has been used on cars since 1903. For the first time, the system was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985. Serial of the 4MATIC system appeared on the Mercedes-Benz W124 and was widely used in trucks.

The system has evolved throughout the development of the automotive industry.

  • First generation- since 1989
  • Second generation- since 1998-99
  • The third generation – since 2002
  • Fourth generation- since 2006
  • Fifth generation - since 2013
  • 4MATIC+ - since 2016

The technology has excellent running characteristics. An important element of the 4MATIC is the ETS electronic traction system. A 4MATIC quality system that behaves perfectly in critical and impassable road conditions, and provides a comfortable, easy and safe trip, both in the city and beyond.