Lexus Comes Closer to the Future, and Tesla X were Recalled Again

Administrator posted this 13 February 2020

Lexus ES 300h will be released this spring in the UK, Germany, Poland and Spain. The main feature of this model is that the side mirrors have been replaced with cameras and screens. At the same time, new users can confidently trust such a car, because Lexus ES has been driving on the roads of Japan since 2018. It is equipped with compact optical modules that transmit the image to the displays installed in the lower part of the front racks. Cameras are activated forcibly or automatically when turning on the turn signals or reverse gear — in this case, dynamic guides are displayed on the screens indicating the distance to the obstacle.

However, 15 thousand Tesla Model X cars were recalled in the United States and Canada. The error was detected in the steering settings, which significantly increases the risk of an accident on the road. The repair campaign affects electric vehicles released in 2016, but not later than mid-October. Recall that the same fate affected the Model S in 2017-2018. The company said at the time that the fault was caused by low-quality parts from the supplier that could prevent the Parking brake from unlocking the wheels. However, no accidents were reported due to this problem.