Kia's Success and Collaboration with Hyundai

Administrator posted this 24 February 2020

Kia Electrification Award

Kia e-Niro named "Best Electric Car" in the Global Mobile Awards 2019, Portugal. The award shows that the Kia e-Niro is an eco-friendly, productive, practical crossover.

The car’s run is 455 km and 615 km (in the city) on a single charge. Depending on the market, the e-Niro can be supplied with a high-capacity 64 kWh long-range lithium-ion polymer battery, as well as a 39.2 kW power.

Hyundai and Kia Developed the ICT Gearshift System 

First of all, what is ICT? This is a completely new and innovative technology developed through the joint collaboration of companies. During the development of the system, the companies filed about 40 major patents in South Korea and abroad. ICT stands for, - intelligent Information and Communication Technology.

The ICT Connected Shift System intends to switch gears depending on the road surface and road traffic conditions. The system functions thanks to the intelligent software training that is being trained. ICT reads data in real time, namely:

  • 3-D navigation, height, slope, curvature of the road surface;

  • Variable data, i.e. images from cameras and information coming from radar. The radar reads the speed and distance between the vehicle and others, and the camera provides lane information.

The Transmission Control Unit (TCU) uses the above data to control the transmission. For example, when a relatively long deceleration is expected and the radar does not detect speed irregularities when driving in front of the vehicle, the transmission clutch temporarily switches to neutral mode to improve fuel efficiency.

The system improves the driving experience and optimizes the operation of the car.