Key technologies that simplify the Nissan driving experience

Administrator posted this 15 June 2020

Smart technologies in a modern car are designed to change the driving experience and ensure a high level of road safety. Manufacturers are innovating in this area one after another. One of the permanent leaders in this issue remained the company Nissan.

Integrated technologies reduce the number of mistakes on the road, which is especially important for those who have recently got behind the wheel. There is a list of the main safety technologies in Nissan cars below.

Emergency braking is a technology that reduces the likelihood of getting into an accident involving pedestrians or bicyclists. In addition, the system can recognize stationary objects when reversing.

Safety Parking and blind spots. Minor accidents and damage to cars used to be common. So, when you leave the Parking space in reverse, the driver may not see the approaching vehicle. Sensors on the rear bumper of modern cars can solve this problem by detecting movement and signaling the driver to slow down.

Road sign recognition lets you stay up to date with the latest speed limits by detecting road signs on the go.

Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Warning systems in NIssan cars allow you to stick to the road lane and keep your distance, as well as report the approach of other cars in the dead zone.

Connected cars. It is already standard to connect the car to your smartphone and monitor its parameters, use smart tools, navigation services and multimedia. In addition, it is an opportunity to monitor the engine and solve problems at an early stage. Checking the engine for errors is an important task if you want to drive your car for a long time and not spend money on repairs. The inCarDoc app will help you do this.

As a result, a modern car sees more than its owner, which makes driving on the road safer.