How to improve your car inexpensively and efficiently with the help of new technologies

Administrator posted this 13 November 2020

Each refers to tuning the car differently. Car tuning was a decorative element. The most popular tuning was the factory. But the factory versions of cars can not always take into account the specific taste of each driver. Therefore, drivers prefer to modernize their cars by own. And to make the car comfortable, but not challenging, it is enough to pump a little electronics and appearance in it. Here are short tips if how to make your car better.

The standard head unit should be replaced

Replacing the standard head unit is the most obvious way to turn an aging car into a modern one.

  • Firstly, standard devices have few functions and lag in technical terms from what we see in smartphones and tablets.

  • Second, they usually don't get updates as often, unlike third-party multimedia devices that are updated.

The car's multimedia system is equipped with built-in services: music, navigator, browser, and other additional tools.

Smart lights

Driving in rain or snow at night can be difficult not only because of the wet and slippery road but also because of the car's headlights illuminate drops or snowflakes instead of the road. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a headlight system that combines a camera, projector, separation prism, and processor that miraculously reduces the number of drops in the driver's field of vision. The camera detects droplets, the processor determines their future location, and the projector in turn "bypasses" the particles, illuminating only what is behind them. The entire process takes about 13 milliseconds.

Music instead of the usual alarm system

Everyone is already used to the standard alarm sound. Today, instead of the standard sound, you can put any melody or even record sound..

All-round view of the car

An experienced driver can Park without problems, focusing only on the mirrors. But modern cars install rear-view cameras, but you can go further and install a third-party all-round view system in the car, which will allow you to see the car in any projection. The system includes cameras that are installed on the car in a circle. The image is transmitted to your smartphone and allows you to see everything that happens to the car at any time online.